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Nomo Travels With Orix

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Nomo Travels With Orix

by Patrick Newman (Apr 15, 2009)

Since retiring, Hideo Nomo has been working as a "technical advisor" with the Orix Buffaloes, the current incarnation of his former NPB team. Nomo just went on his first road trip with the Buffaloes, accompanying the team on their three-game trip to Hokkaido to face the Fighters. He won't be in uniform, but he'll be watching the games and working with team's pitchers.

That's pretty thin news, but it's an excuse to say that I always thought it was lame the way Nomo went out - released by the Royals after a vagabond trek through the minors, disabled lists and South American winter leagues. I was hoping Orix would sign him to a one-day contract and give him a proper sendoff, but judging by the shape he's in I don't think it'll happen.

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