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Sadowski Headed North, not East

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Sadowski Headed North, not East

by Patrick Newman (Jun 27, 2009)

Ryan Sadowski is indeed headed for a bay, but it's the San Francisco Bay, not the Yokohama Bay. After watching the Giants blow a two-run lead in the ninth, I saw a blurb on the score ticker saying that Giants have promoted Sadowski and given him inconsistent lefty Jonathan Sanchez's rotation spot. Then I got online and found this.

Sadowski attracted interest from a team in Japan this season, but vice president of baseball operations Bobby Evans said the Giants rebuffed the Japanese request to buy his contract.

Looking back at the Sanspo article that prompted my post, it said the BayStars were "acquiring Sadowski" and "planning to make an announcement in the next few days". Looks like Sanspo got ahead of themselves, and I followed them.

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