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Kikuchi to Visit the States

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Kikuchi to Visit the States

by Patrick Newman (Sep 8, 2009)

When we last left our heroes,Yusei Kikuchi had strongly suggested that he was going to start his professional baseball career in Japan, saying, "It'll be after I consult with my parents and manager, but I'm thinking domestic. In the future I think I'll go to the Majors if I can, but after building my strength domestically."

Note, however, that he stops short of saying he's filed for draft eligibility, which he still has yet to do.

Now, news has emerged that Kikuchi is planning on visiting the States in October, and wants to see the Majors once before he decides to proceed. The best quote I've seen so far was in Sponichi: "I like to do things that people say are impossible. To be showered in criticism makes me want to do it. I don't have any unease with life in America. I want to speak English, and there is leading-edge training which is different from Japan, so that's exciting." Mainichi News puts his decision between NPB and MLB at 50/50.

We're seemingly a month away from really knowing that Kikuchi wants to do, so we'll see how things play out until then.

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