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Darvish Denies MLB Move

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Darvish Denies MLB Move

by Patrick Newman (Oct 20, 2010)

I've been deliberately waiting to weigh in on the Yu Darvish rumors until information from credible, on-the-record sources emerges. With the exception of Nippon Ham manager Masataka Nashida saying that he wanted to keep Darvish, we have only had reports citing anonymous "persons familiar with the situation".

Until now. Darvish himself has come out and addressed the rumors on his blog. I've translated the post in its entirety below:

Things are being said about the Majors.

I've received a lot of comments on my blog and Twitter, but I don't know if everyone's predictions are on the mark or what.

Next year...

I'll be wearing a Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters uniform.

And here's the original Japanese. I don't think Darvish will mind me publishing it here.





So there we have it. Those rumors will have to wait for another offseason.

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