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Darvish's Japanese Press Conference

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Darvish's Japanese Press Conference

by Patrick Newman (Feb 10, 2012)

Yu Darvish's farewell press conference took place about two weeks ago. I really wanted to translate this while it was still fresh, but I didn't manage to find the time or motivation until today. It's been long enough that the link that I got this text from is expired. It looks like Nikkan Sports has a better transcription, but we'll go with this for now.

So, here we have it, my unofficial translation of Darvish's farewell press conference. The original Japanese text follows below.

–the reason he decided to move to MLB

"The number one reason was that before games, I would hear from my opponents 'don't throw that pitch', 'I can't hit that', and eventually the thought that 'I'm not having fair matchups' stuck. The environment in Japan suits me the best. I was really torn about it, but I felt that I had to move to play baseball at a higher level."

–his goal

"I want to become a pitcher that anyone in the world can call number one."

–his impression of the Rangers

"Starting with the front office, the manager and players, and the fans are all tremendous warm, and I think it's a team that resembles Nippon Ham."

–on his enthusiasm for the Rangers' drive to another World Series appearance

"I don't know how the games progress in the Majors, so I can't just say we'll win, but if I do what I have to do and put up my best results, I'll be happy."

–message to the (Nippon Ham) fans

"When I joined the team in 2005, I immediately did that thing (the underaged smoking incident during his camp in his rookie season) but the fans welcomed m warmly, and I renewed my efforts. I'm grateful to have had your constant support for seven years. If it wasn't for everyone I wouldn't be here today. I'll never forget these seven years, and do my best, and I'll be happy if I can come back here in the end."

And here's the original text, in case I made any translation mistakes.










◆2005年に入団して、いきなりやっちゃいまして(1年目のキャンプで未成年ながら喫煙が発覚)、温かく迎えてくれたことで頑張りに変えられた。 7年間、支えられっぱなしでありがたい限り。皆さんがいなければ今日僕はここにいない。この7年間を忘れず頑張って、最終的にここに戻って来られたらうれ しい。

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